TVF sponsors prize money for pitch battle - TechVision Fonds

TVF sponsors prize money for pitch battle

TVF sponsors prize money for pitch battle

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Excellence Coatings
Sven Wauschkuhn David Wedegärtner Dr. Deniz Dogan & Team

You were so convincing and we are delighted with your 3rd place on the winner’s podium of the Pitch Battle at the ATEC | Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress and the prize money of € 3,000, sponsored by TechVision Fonds

💛 Congratulations also to the winning team Aestuarium. We are sure your mission for the desalination of seawater has the potential to solve many problems. 🌍

You also totally impressed us: Timur SİRMAN MAGNOTHERM Nicolas Dessambre Get Your Way Fabian Göddert Acuire Philipp M. Pflüger ChemInnovation) Dana Aleff Circonomit Malte Hendricks Orlando Kleineberg and Sven Maihöfer xemX.

We will hear from all of you in the #startupcityaachen. We keep our fingers crossed for you: stay on the ball!

Thank you very much for the great cooperation with you, best jury:
Andreas Booke Ananda Impact Ventures Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures Kim Duc Quyen Tran and the supporter team of garage33.

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