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You probably have to know each other well since your school days to see the digitization of tax and legal advice as a hip topic for a tech startup. Like Sven Peper, Daniel Kirch, Steffen Kirchhoff and Sven Weber. After all, they saw it that way in 2018. And somehow, the tax and legal consulting market has probably seen that it also needs to become more digital. That’s why many well-known law firms and accounting firms are already among’s customers, including “big fours.”

Who would have thought? We, for example. That’s why we were the first VC investor to invest in and built the bridge for further VC investments. And it’s really hip to see how AI can filter out the right content from the mass of tax laws and cases for specific clients and use it to make tailored offers. Thus it was easy to find a few early customers in our network.

Since then, we have been in constant exchange. About the advantages and disadvantages of on-premise installations compared to cloud-based solutions, about virtualized development teams and how remote work actually works properly, about business models and B2B contracts, and about strategy. For example, whether to offer dedicated tooling for the property tax reform in Germany or not. You should! Because then you’ll have several hundred more law firms in your customer base.

Maybe tax returns will even be fun at some point. Just before it either fits on a beer mat or is completely automated.


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