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TVF invests in Membion

Series A capital for wastewater treatment plant technology with ninety per cent energy savings


We are pleased to announce our first joint investment with the DeepTech & Climate Fund (DTCF) in the Aachen-based company Membion GmbH.

More filter performance in a smaller space – with up to 90 percent less energy consumption

Over many years of research and development, the experienced Membion founding team, consisting of Dr. Klaus Vossenkaul and Dirk Volmering, has developed unique membrane filters, so-called hollow fiber MBR modules, which achieve significant energy and thus operating cost savings – and with significantly reduced space requirements compared to competing systems. There is no need for secondary clarification as in conventional systems. Both are decisive factors for the future, as ever-increasing demands on water quality will soon require a so-called “fourth purification stage”. In addition to the separation of sewage sludge and water that has been implemented to date, this will also have to filter microplastics, antibiotic-resistant germs, pathogens and trace substances such as drug residues from the water.

High market potential expected

“We see Membion as the future technology leader in a dynamically growing international market,” says Björn Lang, the responsible partner at TVF Management GmbH. “The aim of Membion is to revolutionize wastewater treatment, align it with the needs of future generations and at the same time make it much more economical.” According to studies, the market for MBR will grow to a size of almost seven billion US dollars by 2030.

Dr. Elisabeth Schrey, Managing Director of the DTCF, says: “Both established wastewater systems and new industrial water applications need innovations in order to use the valuable resource of water responsibly. I am delighted that we are able to support such an experienced entrepreneur in Klaus Vossenkaul, and we share his vision of energy-saving water recycling.”

Welcome Membion in our TVF-Familie. We look forward to revolutionizing wastewater treatment together 💧

find more information here: Press Release