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Serial entrepreneurs have a good reputation with investors and should not be confused with serial offenders of a another type. Michael Minis and Markus Harmsen once started with tamyca in the field of private peer-2-peer car sharing. They then sold the resulting platform, and after a detour via fleetButler finally took off with MOQO as a software platform for mobility sharers of all kinds. Now it doesn’t have to be cars – but it can be. In addition, scooters, wheels and everything else that can be used to get from A to B faster.

And as is often the case when you start something new in the market, you first make a few detours. Who are the customers? Maybe companies that want to offer Car-Sharing for their workforce? Housing associations that want to avoid parking regulations? Municipal utilities that want to set up their own Car-Sharing services in the wake of electromobility?

With hardly any of our startups have we discussed strategy so intensively, reinvented ourselves again and again, conceived and wrestled with each other, and also tried one way or another and discontinued it again. Finally, with negotiation and contract expertise, we were then able to help secure crucial deals for MOQO.

And the result: MOQO is on its way to become Europe’s largest software platform provider for mobility sharing. Since Flinkster, Europe’s largest car-sharing provider, recently also started using MOQO, Michael and Markus are unstoppable. And we’ll be damned if we’re going to change that.

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