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What are the first three things that come to your mind about construction sites?   

Probably something like:   

– machines  
– scaffolding  
– bricks

The last thing that pops into your head is probably – digitalization. The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the world but unfortunately also one of the least digitized. On most of the world’s construction sites, a piece of paper, pencil and phone are still the critical tools for coordination and planning. Building Information Modeling (BIM) generates large amounts of data in the planning phase of buildings and links it to the building model. However, 96% of this data is not transferred to the implementation phase, the actual construction phase. Site managers and foremen no longer have access to the data or it simply remains unused. As a result, construction projects take up to 20% longer, cost up to 80% more and there is a lot of waste.   

THIS is exactly what specter automation wants to change. The specter team has developed an innovative software that puts a 3D model of the building to be completed at the center of construction site coordination. All important information from the planning phase can be accessed by site managers and foremen by clicking on a component in the 3D model – work steps, material quantities as well as time and cost information.  The goal is to bring the entire construction site ecosystem onto specter’s platform in order to control the construction site in the future in a data-driven way.   

We are sure that solutions that make construction more efficient, sustainable, faster, cheaper and more digital are needed more than ever – especially in Germany.  

Together with great business angels and strong investors like LBBW-VC and xdeck VC, we accompany the team of specter automation on its exciting journey to the fully digitalized construction site.   

Click here for the press release:  PM final specter EN

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